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Title: Looking For A Perfect Family
Pairings: YooSu, YunJae
Characters: YooChun, JunSu, ChanHee, InWhan, JaeJoong, YunHo, EeTeuk, KangIn, SiWon, HeeChul, HanKyung, ZhouMi, KyuHyun
Fandom: DBSK feat. Super Junior
Rating: PG
Genre: General, fluff (?)
Length: chaptered (Chapter 4)
Summary: Park YooChun, a single parent and a cold hearted CEO, had lived eight years with his son, ChanHee, already and his son's cries for an umma hadn't left him unnoticed since two years ago. How will he explain to his son that he didn't want to tie himself down with someone else? After all, he'd vowed to never step into another marriage again, when he knew it'll turn out unsuccessful. Will ChanHee just leave it at that decision or will he do something about it, to make his father change his mind?
Disclaimer: I don't own the characters!

Prologue, Chapter 1, Chapter 2Chapter 3 ,  Chapter 4 


When JunSu was satisfied with both ChanHee and InWhan playing safely in the living-room, he went back to his work. He'd gotten a few couples that morning who requested his help as their weddingplanner, so he wanted to finish that first before spending his time with InWhan.

JunSu picked up his pen and started scribbling away, completely forgetting his surroundings. After two hours of non-stop writing, JunSu finally finished off his task. He got up and stretched out lazily, before making his way into the living-room. The room was empty, except for the abandoned toys of InWhan.

"InWhan? ChanHee? Where are you?," JunSu called out as he made his way upstairs.

"In my room!," a muffled sound came from upstairs.

JunSu stopped walking. He glanced at his watch. It was almost 6 o' clock and he needed to prepare dinner for both InWhan and himself. It was also almost time for ChanHee to go home too. JunSu decided to go prepare something for their guest before sending the other off.

After half an hour, JunSu stood in front of InWhan's room with a tray filled with pancakes and cookies and two glasses of milk. He balanced the tray with his left hand and knocked the door with his right.

"InWhan... can I come in?," JunSu asked.

JunSu waited for a second before the door was opened by InWhan.

"Hey kids... I got you guys something to eat," JunSu announced.

"Yay!," two cheery voices sounded in unison.

JunSu chuckled at his son's eagerness. He let his roam around the room and saw ChanHee sitting on InWhan's bed with a photobook on his lap.

"Are you showing ChanHee your pictures?," JunSu asked his son, who helped putting the heavy tray on his desk.

"Yep! I wanted ChanHee hyung to see those pictures uncle Yunnie had taken for me and all of those other stuff," InWhan replied.

"And are you enjoying, ChanHee?," JunSu asked while taking a seat on the bed too.

ChanHee nodded brightly. But in his heart, he kind felt a slight tug of jealousy. He had to admit to himself that InWhan had a way better childhood than he had. With all those lovely people surrounding him and caring for him. Sure he had those too, but it was only his appa and his grandparents. No one anymore.

"ChanHee... are you okay? You look sad?," JunSu suddenly asked intrerrupting his train of thoughts.

"I... I-I'm okay... just tired," ChanHee lied.

He never missed the frown InWhan gave him or the frown that InWhan's omma gave him. So, as to cover that up he plastered a big smile on his face.

"Can I have a cookie?," ChanHee asked JunSu with a big smile.

"Sure. Go ahead. It was made for both of you. It's almost time for you to go home ChanHee, so I wanted to give you something to eat before leaving. After all... you've been playing with InWhan for quite some time now and must be really hungry now," JunSu reasoned.

"Thank you, uncle JunSu," ChanHee said happily.

"Any time, kid," JunSu smiled brightly as he ruffled ChanHee's hair.

JunSu had to give credit to ChanHee's appa for taking such good care of the little one. ChanHee was a nice kid and very well-mannered and he was glad that InWhan and ChanHee were good friends together.


"Bye, InWhan! Bye, uncle JunSu!," ChanHee waved happily before stepping in the car.

It was time for him to leave, so there he was with his personal driver waiting for him to enter the car.

"Bye, ChanHee hyung. See you tomorrow," InWhan greeted as he stood next to JunSu, who was also waving at ChanHee.

They waved until the car totally disappeared out of sight.

"Let's go inside. It's getting cold now, InWhan," JunSu said while stepping inside.

InWhan nodded and followed suit. It was a great day and he totally enjoyed it.


ChanHee sat staring at his notebook. He was trying to think of something, but he couldn't come up with anything. His mind was totally blank. Ever since the first time he saw InWhan's omma, he was sure InWhan's omma was the best out of all the people he has seen in his whole life.

But how could he possibly get his appa to come closer to InWhan's omma? Maybe ask them to go out sometime? But his appa is always busy!

Or maybe he could ask InWhan to help out? No! InWhan would feel hurt...


His mind kept replaying the time he'd spent at InWhan's house. It was so much different than playing in his own house. Whenever he played in his own house, he kind of felt something missing. Not that he didn't like it, but it felt as if he wanted to share something with someone. When he was in Japan, he'd never shared anything with his friends in his house, because he knew they were the jealous type and he wanted to avoid having that.

A knock startled ChanHee out of his mind.

"Channie... it's me, appa... are you asleep already?,"

ChanHee's eyes widened and he quickly slammed his notebook shut before shoving it in a heap under the rest of his books.

"Come in," he called as he turned to look at his appa.

"What's wrong, appa?," ChanHee asked.

"Nothing. I just wanted to come see you. I thought you'd be asleep already. You did have a long day today," YooChun said before coming to a stop in front of ChanHee.

"I did, but I enjoyed it!," ChanHee grinned happily.

"Wanna tell appa about it?,"

"Yup! We went to his house and we played together. His omma baked us pancakes and cookies. They were delicious! InWhan showed me his pictures too! They were so cute and I almost wanted to keep them for myself," ChanHee said eagerly.

YooChun couldn't help but laugh at his son's cuteness. He picked ChanHee up and made his way to the kingsized bed.

"I see, you really did have a great day today. But now it's time for you to go to sleep,"



"Can I go to InWhan's house again?,"

"ChanHee... you can't always go to InWhan's house. Don't you think you are disturbing them?,"

CHanHee pouted.

"But, I feel lonely here. InWhan is the only friend I have,"

YooChun sighed. He sometimes felt bad for not spending much time with ChanHee, but being a CEO is a tough job and he'd worked for a long time to get that position. But then again, he didn't want his son to be this lonely either.


"I'm sorry, ChanHee... I can't always spend time with you, but I promise I'll try to spend more time with you in the future," YooChun said.

ChanHee's eyes widened in surprise. This was the first time his appa had said that to him. But he wasn't sure if his appa really mean it or not. It always ended up the opposite of what his appa promised. ChanHee only hoped his appa really meant it this time.

"Appa... erm... do you want to meet my friend's omma?," ChanHee suddenly asked.

He waited for his appa's reply and secretly wished that his appa would agree. It was the only way he could bring his appa closer to InWhan's omma.

"Well... I don't know... you know I won-," YooChun wanted to decline, but his son's kicked-puppy look made him stop.

"Fine... I'll... I'll... meet your friend's omma," YooChun finally said.

ChanHee's smile couldn't have gotten any bigger. He jumped up happily and wrapped his arms around his appa's neck.

"Thank you! Thank you, appa! I love you! You won't regret it!," ChanHee cheered.

YooChun frowned at ChanHee's statement. What did his son mean by that? Was there something going on?

"I'll go to sleep now, appa. You too. Take a good night's rest and sleep well... dream of happy things," ChanHee said before shutting his eyes.


YooChun frowned even more at the now happily, sleeping ChanHee. What has gotten into ChanHee? What was with THAT last statement?

Shaking the thought away, YooChun placed a kiss on his son's forehead before leaving the room.

YooChun made his way back to his room and let himself fall on his bed. He was tired and he needed some sleep desperatedly. But somehow, sleep didn't want to come at that moment. His mind drifted off to somewhere far away...


"I love you, baby," YooChun whispered to his love in his arms.

They were lazying around on the grass at a nearby lake. The afternoon sun was quite soothing, making both lovers feel contented in each other's arms.

"Will you stay with me forever?,"

A quiet and uncertain question was asked as if the other was afraid to ask. Afraid of rejection or afraid it was a stupid question.

"Of course. I'll always stay with you. Forever," YooChun whispered before placing a kiss on the other's lips.


"I'm sorry, YooChun... I... I can't stay with you... I've signed the divorce papers already. I've told my lawyer to send you the papers to you as soon as possble. And... please, after that... don't come look for me anymore,"

"But... you can't just leave like this... I mean. What about him? He needs you too!," YooChun protested.

"I'm sure you can take care of him or will find some way to. I haven't told my parents about it and I wish not to tell them,"

"Are you just going to leave it like that? Leave me alone and him? After all those years we've promised each other? You're just going to give up like that? Cutting all the ties between us? What's wrong with you?,"

YooChun could feel the anger rising from his stomach and the anger spreading through the rest of his body. He wanted to do something. It didn't matter what! As long as it satisfied his anger, then he'd be happy to do it.

"I'm sorry. I got to go now," the other got up quickly to leave.

The door was opened and shut quickly, leaving YooChun alone, dumbfounded, hurt, betrayed and heartbroken. Desperate wails could be heard after that. But it didn't reach YooChun's ears.

YooChun looked down at the bundle lying on his bed, crying loudly. He sagged down on the floor as he slowly let his hands take the bundle in his arms. Uncovering the baby, he could see how the baby yearned for something. Maybe for his mother? YooChun didn't know.

All he knew was that the baby was crying and he himself was crying along with the baby.


YooChun jerked awake. It was that same thing again. That same thing that had been hunting him for years now.

"Why did you just leave me like that?," YooChun whispered into thin air.

He got up from his bed and decided to take a cold shower.


The following morning, YooChun decided he'd see his son off to school for that day. It has been such a long time since he'd done that. Being late for his work once in a while wouldn't hurt.

He was having such a good time with his son when his cellphone suddenly went off. He picked it up reluctantly.

Business again.

"I said, I'll be there in a few minutes!," YooChun growled out before slamming his phone shut.

ChanHee glanced at his appa. He didn't say anything, because he knew his appa was in deep thoughts. Sometimes, he really wished that his appa could relax without having something important to do.

"ChanHee...," YooChun started.

"Yes, appa?,"

"Appa won't be coming home early tonight... if you want, you can have our driver bring you somewhere and buy some ice-cream or something before going home," YooChun offered as an apology to his son.

"Can I go to InWhan instead?," ChanHee asked quickly.

YooChun blinked at the other. He hesitated a bit. It wasn't that he didn't want ChanHee to spend time with his friend, but it was that he didn't want to leave his unprotected. He knew that there are people out there who hated his guts and wouldn't hesitate to do something to his son just to hurt him.

"Please, appa? I'll be good! Really, I will," ChanHee pleaded as he gave his most angelic look he could form.

"Fine, then... I'll call our driver to come pick you up when it's 7," YooChun said.

"Okay. Thanks, appa," ChanHee cheered happily.

YooChun chuckled as the car came to a stop. He stepped out after his son and took his time taking his son to the entrance of the school.

Lots of kids were dropped off by either one of the parents or both or maybe guardians. The sounds of the cars and chatterings filled the air. It was in one word:


At least for YooChun. It has been such a long time since he'd heard those sounds. He was always busy with work in his office and never got the time to see ChanHee off. With all those paper works and documents piling up on his desk everyday, YooChun hardly had any time to see what was going outside.

"Bye, appa. I love you. Don't work too hard," ChanHee said.

"Bye, Channie. I love you too. Promise to be a good boy," YooChun said as he pulled his son in a tight hug.

"I will,"

YooChun let go of his son reluctantly before watching the other enter the school. When ChanHee completely disappeared, he straightened his back before turning to leave.

But, the funny thing was that he was suddenly admiring the sky and he suddenly felt pain shooting through his back.

What the?

He heard a groan coming from a solid body on top of him.

"Sir! Are you alright?,"

YooChun heard his driver get out of the car and hurrying over to him.

"I'm... s-sorry," a soft and tired voice apologized.

YooChun pushed himself up to get a better view of the person who was the cause of the pain in his back.

And what his eyes met, almost made him faint.

"You!," YooChun suddenly roared out.

Confused brown eyes looked into his before the other realized what just happened.

to be continued

Author's note:

Dear lovely readers of mine ^^, thank you very much for the comments and thank you for having patience with me. I really love all the comments and hope you guys will continue to love this story too ^^

Here's the next chappie and I hope to update the next chappie soon. I was actually planning to make a YooSu appearance here, but it came out very different than I'd thought. I promise there will be more YooSu meetings later.

Please enjoy this chapter and look forward to the next.

Thank you very much for reading and commenting ^^



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i'm so sorry for intruder your journal.. hope u dont mind if i wanna read your 'looking for perfect family'.. i'm just find this moment ago.. tengkyu very much *bow*
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