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Title: Looking For A Perfect Family
Pairings: YooSu, YunJae
Characters: YooChun, JunSu, ChanHee, InWhan, JaeJoong, YunHo, EeTeuk, KangIn, SiWon, HeeChul, HanKyung, ZhouMi, KyuHyun
Fandom: DBSK feat. Super Junior
Rating: PG
Genre: General, fluff (?)
Length: chaptered (Chapter 4)
Summary: Park YooChun, a single parent and a cold hearted CEO, had lived eight years with his son, ChanHee, already and his son's cries for an umma hadn't left him unnoticed since two years ago. How will he explain to his son that he didn't want to tie himself down with someone else? After all, he'd vowed to never step into another marriage again, when he knew it'll turn out unsuccessful. Will ChanHee just leave it at that decision or will he do something about it, to make his father change his mind?
Disclaimer: I don't own the characters!

Prologue, Chapter 1, Chapter 2Chapter 3 


ChanHee woke up early and got himself ready before going downstairs. He made a beeline towards the kitchen, nearly bumping onto a nearby porcelain vase.

"Well, good morning there, young master. You're up quite early this morning," a bright smiling cook greeted politely.
"Good morning, hyung," ChanHee greeted back before taking a minute to calm down. "Uhm... hyung... can you do something for me?,"

ChanHee tugged onto the cook's apron.

"Anything you want, young master," the cook smiled.
"Can you make extra pancakes for me?," ChanHee asked.

Confusion was written all over the cook's face.

"Yeah, extra... I want to bring some for my friend," ChanHee explained.
"Ok, I'll make extra for you and breakfast will be ready in a minute," the cook said.

ChanHee was about to walk away, but stopped in his tracks. He turned to look at his cook.

"Oh, is appa up already?," ChanHee asked.
"Yes, young master. He's in his study," the cook answered.
"Can you have our breakfast brought there?,"
"Of course, young master,"
"Thank you, hyung,"

With that, ChanHee made his way towards his appa's study on the first level. Once he was there, he knocked three times before entering the room.

"Good morning, appa," ChanHee greeted with a big smile.

YooChun looked up startled at his son's voice.

"Oh... morning, ChanHee. Did you have a good night's rest?," YooChun asked and stopped his writing for that moment so he could pay attention to his son.

"Not really, appa..."
"Why? What's wrong?," YooChun asked with a concerned voice before getting up from his swivel chair behind his mahogany desk.

He went over to ChanHee and knelt infront of the boy, taking ChanHee's little hands in his own big ones.

"What's wrong? You know you can tell appa," YooChun said.

ChanHee didn't answer immediately. It seemed as if he didn't know whether or not to tell his appa what's going on in his mind.

"Appa?," ChanHee started.
"Yes, Channie?,"
"Can... I go over to my friend's house?," ChanHee asked a little nervously.

YooChun blinked. Why was ChanHee nervous to ask something like this? It's not as if he'd get angry at the other for wanting to go see a friend.

"Only if you tell me which friend," YooChun said.

ChanHee looked at his appa with a big smile now. He jumped up to hug his appa tightly.

"His name is Kim InWhan! I told you before already, appa. He's my only friend in school. Can I really go to his house?," ChanHee asked hopefully.
"Do you promise to behave? I don't want to hear any complaints from his parents," YooChun said smiling.
"Of course, I'll behave!,"
"Then you can go. But, be back before 6,"
"Okay~! Thank you appa, I love you!," ChanHee cried out happily before hugging his appa again.
"I love you too, Channie,"

That morning, ChanHee had his breakfast with his appa together in the study. After their breakfast, ChanHee was dropped off at school by their personal driver. When the black car completely disappeared out of view, ChanHee heaved a sigh.

He bit his lower lip nervously. He wasn't sure if InWhan wanted to talk to him. ChanHee only hoped the other would forgive him, one way or another and accept his... apology and...



ChanHee's eyes looked at a certain person sitting under a tree, ready to have lunch. He wasn't sure what he should do. After what he and InWhan had seen at the wedding, ChanHee had seen how hurt InWhan had looked when his appa had dropped his friend's omma. ChanHee had wanted to apologize right at that moment, but he couldn't, because InWhan had already left his side to help his omma.

ChanHee took a deep breath and gathered all his courage before making his way over to the figure under the tree. He stopped a half metre away from the other and waited till the other noticed him.

One second passed.

Two seconds passed.

Three seconds passed.

Nothing happened.

ChanHee cleared his throat.

"Uhm... InWhan...," ChanHee finally managed to bring out.

The little one looked up at him. Their eyes locked for a second. Then InWhan looked away from ChanHee. It hurt. ChanHee pouted as he stood there awkwardly. It was still clear that InWhan was still angry at him. But... ChanHee didn't want the other to be angry at him anymore!

"Uhm... InWhan ah... I'm sorry... I really am...," ChanHee apologized carefully. "My appa didn't mean to hurt your omma like that... it's just...,"

"Then why did he do it?," InWhan finally opened his mouth for that morning.

InWhan had refused to say anything to ChanHee the moment he saw the other enter his classroom. In fact, InWhan had hoped not to see the other at all.

"I... I... actually don't... know... but... appa isn't someone like that!," ChanHee said in defence. "Well... except for mean people," he added as a second thought.

ChanHee looked everywhere, except at InWhan, as he rubbed the back of his neck nervously. He really wasn't a star in apologizing and making up with someone. He'd never gotten into a fight before with his previous friends in Japan. This was the first time he'd actually gotten into a fight with a friend. A really good friend to be exact.

"Omma isn't mean!," InWhan defended his omma immediately.

"I know! I know... your omma isn't mean. I know that. I'd kill to have such an omma like yours!," ChanHee said quickly and dropped on his knees in front of InWhan.

"I know appa is at fault, but... please, I don't want us to have a fight anymore and I don't want you to be angry at appa anymore. Please, don't be angry anymore? Please? Please forgive me and appa?," ChanHee pleaded with puppy eyes, his hands clasped together beneath his chin.

There was a minute silence as InWhan was thinking over the whole fight. Maybe the other was right. InWhan didn't want to fight with his hyung either, but could he really forgive the other for harming his omma? But, then again it wasn't his hyung's fault either, because his hyung didn't do anything to his omma. It was his hyung's appa who did that. Maybe... just maybe... there had been a fight between his omma and his hyung's appa...

"O... kay... I forgive you," InWhan finally said.

ChanHee's head shot up immediately with hope in his eyes.


InWhan nodded.

"Oh! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you, InWhan!,"

With that, ChanHee flung himself onto the other happily. This brought a soft chuckle from the little one. InWhan patted the other on the back lightly, before hugging the other.

They were on good terms again.

"Oh! I got you something too...,"

ChanHee pulled away from the other and dropped his bag, which he'd been carrying for a while, on the ground. He noticed InWhan's curious look and smiled to himself proudly. InWhan wasn't angry at him anymore. And he liked that. ChanHee pulled out a lunchbox and showed it to the other.

"For you and your omma... as... an apology. You don't mind, do you?," ChanHee gave the other a nervous look.

"Thank you, ChanHee hyung," Inwhan smiled as he took the offered lunchbox. "Let's have lunch together?


ChanHee couldn't have sounded any happier than he already was.


After school, ChanHee found himself walking alongside with InWhan and his friend's omma. He'd never thought that taking a walk from school to home (InWhan's home) could be so much fun. Hopefully he can have this repeated again. And who knows, maybe his appa can come along too.


"Yes, uncle JunSu?," ChanHee asked happily skipping along next to JunSu.

"Have you told your parents that you're going to my house today?," JunSu asked.

"Yes, I did. I asked appa already this morning," ChanHee answered brightly.

"O... kay... I just wanted to make sure your parents know where you are," JunSu said.

"Omma...," Inwhan started.

"Yes, InWhan?," JunSu asked.

"Why is there a black car following us? It's been going everywhere we are going for quite some time," InWhan pointed out to his right.

Both JunSu and ChanHee looked at where InWhan was pointing. And sure there was a black car on the street, but it was nothing out of the ordinary. It's like any cars on the street, right?


Both JunSu and InWhan blinked surprised at ChanHee, who suddenly let go of JunSu's hand. He made his way over to the black car quickly.

"ChanHee! Where are you going? Come back here!," JunSu shouted.

JunSu stood dumbfounded there as he watched the little kid talk to someone wearing all black in the black car. What was going on? Who was that man?

Before he could think of an answer, ChanHee was back at his side again, with a big smile plastered on his face.

"Let's go," ChanHee said as he tugged onto JunSu's hand, taking the other along with him.

"ChanHee... who was that?," JunSu asked sternly stopping the other from walking any further.

JunSu saw the surprised look on ChanHee's face and almost felt bad for startling the other. He didn't mean to sound like this, but if it was for the safety of the other, then he had to treat the kid just like how he treats his own son.

"Uhm... he is just a... person I know," ChanHee answered nervously.

JunSu waited for more explanation.

"Omma... what are you doing? You are scaring hyung," InWhan said as he pulled his omma's left hand.

"InWhan... hush now. Let me hear ChanHee out first," JunSu said and InWhan stilled immediately.

InWhan knew this tone. It was the same tone his omma always uses on him when he hadn't behaved like he should. He waited till his omma was finished then.

"Uhm...." ChanHee still didn't know what to say to this new side of InWhan's omma.

He had always pictured InWhan's omma as an angel who couldn't get angry at anyone. Never ever did he picture his friend's omma to be this... stern...

"ChanHee... you don't just go up to someone in a black car and talk to that person. It's dangerous to talk to someone in a car. Who knows what can happen to you," JunSu reprimanded.

"But, I said I know that person," ChanHee protested.


"Well...," Chanhee sighed.

He had hoped, from the beginning, not to give away his identity, but it seemed he had no choice but to do so now.

"He's my personal driver," ChanHee said.

"Personal driver?," JunSu blinked.

This was something new. JunSu had thought the other might come up with something else, like saying it was a 'cousin' or 'uncle' or anything else but 'personal driver'

"Well... appa is afraid that I might get hurt or something, so he sent my personal driver to keep an eye one me. But, he's gone now," ChanHee explained.

"Does that mean you are really... rich... just like in the movies?," InWhan asked suddenly.

"Movies?," Chanhee blinked at him.

"Yep, movies... you know... where they have people clean their house for them and cook food for them and all those things. You know, like a fairy tale where the king lives with his family. Are you rich like those kings?," InWhan asked innocently.

"Erm... I don't know...," Chanhee answered.

JunSu sighed. It was going nowhere. From the way he saw it, ChanHee WAS a rich kid and the funny thing was that the kid didn't even know it.

"Anyways... Chanhee, don't go running away like that without telling me what you are going to do. I don't want anything to happen to you, okay?," JunSu said as he put a hand on Chanhee's shoulder, giving it a light squeeze.

Finally it downed onto Chanhee why the other suddenly asked him that question. InWhan's omma was caring for him too! He was just doing his job as a parent, although he might not be related to them.

ChanHee felt happy somehow. It means something to him to have someone else care for him besides his appa and his family.

It felt so great to have someone else care for him.

"Let's go home now, kids," JunSu stated.

"Yes, omma,"
"Yes, uncle JunSu,"

Both kids replied at the same time. They grinned at each other as they made their way towards JunSu's house happily.

to be continued

Author's note:

Dear lovely readers,

Finally an update! (After such a loooooooooooong time).
Thank you all for being patient with me and enjoying this story too. I'm really sorry for not having updated for quite a while, because my RL has been going crazy and I am sure I am going crazy too at the moment. I have to say that I can't update that fast like other authors, but I am trying to update as soon as possible.

I personally think this chappie sounds like crap, but I do hope you see where I am going with the story.

Please enjoy reading this chappie like all the previous ones.

Thank you for your time ^^



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