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[FIC]: Happy Omma's Day

Title: Happy Omma's Day
Author: rin_ee
Fandom: DBSK
Pairing: YooSu
Genre: fluff, general
Rating: PG
Summary: InWhan is looking for a perfect gift for his omma
Length: One-shot
Disclaimer: I don't own them
Author's note: Through a child's eyes <?>


The first time InWhan saw his omma with that funny looking stranger was during his omma's birthday. His omma just turned 27 and suddenly decided to celebrate his birthday with a couple of friends and his colleagues. InWhan thought the stranger was nice. He was helpful and would smile everytime someone cracked a joke.

After the party, InWhan never saw him again nor did he ever think about that man ever again. It was just something a child of his age would not bother to anyway.

The second time InWhan saw that stranger again was right after the school bell rang, signalling the end of the schoolday. His omma came to pick him up, like usual. But this time, InWhan was surprised to find the stranger standing there next to his omma. The stranger gave them a ride home and that made InWhan wonder why the stranger would actually do that. But, InWhan didn't say anything. He kept quiet and was being polite and being a good kid that he was.

"Omma...," InWhan started after that stranger left their house.

"Yes, InWhan?," Kim JunSu, InWhan's omma, turned to look at him.

"Why did that man give us a ride home?," InWhan asked.

"Oh... well... because he thought it'll be safe if he dropped us off. Is there something worng?," his omma asked.


It was finally the third time InWhan learned to know the stranger's name and he'd decided he didn't like that man at all.

He didn't like it whenever that man brought his omma back home. He especially didn't like it when that man came to visit their home and talk 'business' with his omma. And he most definitely didn't like it when that man brings over flowers for his omma and asks his omma to go out eating with him everytime he came.

InWhan loathed it.

Within two months, InWhan had tried and succeeded in spending more time with his omma. He would always come up with something so his omma wouldn't be able to go out with that man. He would always drag his omma elsewhere whenever that man wanted his omma to go with him. He would just about do anything, so he could separate his omma with the other.

"You really don't like me, huh?," Park YooChun asked InWhan one night when the other came to deliver something his omma had left at the office.

InWhan didn't say anything. He just stuck his tongue out to the other before turning his face the opposite way. His omma was in the kitchen preparing something for their guest a.k.a the pain-in-the-ass-man-named-Park-YooChun in InWhan's POV.

The other merely chuckled at InWhan's reaction.

"You're an amusing kid," YooChun commented with a smile before ruffling InWhan's hair.

That was the first time InWhan was caught off guard. He frowned at the man but didn't say anything because his omma joined them again in the living-room.

It was then the first time InWhan started to think about the other.

Why was the other so nice to his omma? Why did the other treat his omma to almost everything? Why? Why did the other not get angry at him when he was not nice to the other?

These questions kept playing and rewinding in his head, but he never got an answer to them.
Not until his omma has gotten into a car accident and was hospitalized for a few weeks. InWhan then started to see that Mr. Park YooChun with a different view.

"Omma... do you like Mr.YooChun?," InWhan asked his omma the day his omma could finally leave the hospital.

His omma frowned at him before it was replaced with a small smile gracing his lips.

"He's nice... what's not to like about him?," his omma asked.

InWhan merely shrugged. He didn't know what's not to like about that man. He thought about the question for a couple of times and to his surprise he couldn't find anything he didn't like about the other in the past. The other had actually been very... caring to him during the days his omma had spent in the hospital.

The other would come to his house everyday when he's free from work, to bring him homemade food or the other would bring him toys, so he wouldn't be bored. And even when the other was really busy, he'd visit his omma everyday.

InWhan felt confused. He didn't understand. He really didn't understand anything anymore. He didn't understand Mr. Park YooChun anymore. He didn't understand why that Mr. Park was being so nice. Especially after those times he'd treated Mr. Park really unnice.

Never before had someone been so nice to him or his omma. Especially his omma.

He had seen his omma sad, hurt and depressed. He had seen his omma's tears whenever his omma thought he was alone. And because of that, he'd never wanted anyone near his omma again. He'd vowed to protect his omma from then on. Keeping his omma away and himself in a safe distance, keeping himself and his omma away from bad people.

But now he didn't know what to do anymore. He'd tried everything to keep his omma away from that Mr. Park, but Mr. Park always manages to find his omma and they would then spend time together, making InWhan angry.


The doorbell rang and InWhan was sent to open the door. InWhan had a slight suspicion who it could be, standing on the other side of the door, thus he reluctantly opened the door. His suspicion was confirmed once he opened the door. And again he saw Mr. Park YooChun standing there, with a bouquet of flowers and a bag in his left hand.

"Hi there, InWhan. How are you?," Mr. Park asked.

InWhan gave a simple "hi", not bothering to answer the question. A chuckle escaped Mr. Park's lips. That same deep and warm chuckle he'd grown to know the past few weeks.

"I guess you're still unhappy to see me. Guess what... I got you someth-,"

Before that Mr. Park Yoochun could finish his sentence his omma suddenly appeared.

"YooChun! Hey! What are you doing standing there? Come in," his omma said happily and then his omma turned to look at him. "InWhan, why didn't you let our guest in? It's rude to make someone stand outside,"

InWhan wanted to protest, but managed to keep his mouth shut. So, Mr. Park entered their house and greeted his omma with a big smile and a hug. It was right then, that InWhan suddenly noticed another person.

A kid.

Almost as tall as him and seemed to be around his age. InWhan frowned at the newcomer.
Who was he?

"Ah! This must be your son! Right?," his omma suddenly exclaimed out happily, clapping his hands delightfully as he scooted down to the child's level.

"Hi there. I'm Kim JunSu,"

InWhan watched his omma interact with the kid quietly.

"Hi, Mr.Kim JunSu... I'm ChanHee... Park ChanHee," the kid replied politely, shaking his omma's hand.

"InWhan, come here and say hello to ChanHee," his omma suddenly called out to him.

He hurried over to his omma's side, clutching onto his omma's left hand.

"ChanHee... this is my son... InWhan,"

"Hi InWhan," ChanHee greeted him with a big smile.

He didn't give any response until his omma nudged him. InWhan gave a small "hi" before turning away from the other.

"He's just a little shy," his omma said to the new stranger.

InWhan watched the other nod his head, still a big smile plastered on his face. Weird. He eyed the other, afraid of what the other might do to him. InWhan didn't need to worry too much about the other, because his omma kept his attention on the other.

Somehow, InWhan started to feel something heavy on his chest. He didn't know what it was, but he was sure he didn't like it how his omma was so nice to that Mr. Park's son and practically forgot about him.

Tears prickled the back of his eyes as he watched his omma play with ChanHee. It looked as if they've known each other for years. He quickly got up from his seat and disappeared into his room, never noticing someone following him. When he'd finally cried out his heart, he found Mr. Park sitting there on his chair.

"Wh-what... are y-you... doing... h-here?," InWhan said in a broken voice while looking at the other with teary eyes.

"I just wanted to make sure you're ok," the other said softly.

"I'm... f-fine,"


"You know... your omma still loves you... no matter what. Your omma would never forget you, you know?," the other suddenly said.

"But... omma... didn't even look at me when I asked for another pancake!," InWhan pouted.

"Your omma... can't do two things at the same time. Your omma can only concentrate on one thing at a time. But that doesn't mean you have to feel sad. Your omma still loves you and will love you forever... no matter what... I can promise you that,"

"Really?," InWhan asked his eyes filled with hope.

"Yes, I promise. Now come on. Let's have you cleaned up and go downstairs before your omma gets worried about you,"

InWhan was given a warm smile and from that moment on, InWhan finally opened up to the other and was willing to let the other close to his omma. He started first with leaving the "Mr" in front of YooChun's name and it slowly turned out to spending more time together whenever the other came over and soon enough a new friendship took a higher level between them.

"Uncle YooChun?," InWhan started one day when the other came over for a visit.

"Hm?," YooChun cocked his head to the side, giving InWhan a questioning look.

"Do you really have that much free time? I mean... I always hear omma complaining about a lot of work and... yeah... you work with omma, right? That means... you have a lot of work to do too, right? How come you're always free to come here?,"

"Mm... to tell you the truth... I really don't have that much free time. Like your omma says... there's a lot of work to do. But I'd do my best to come over and spend some time with you and your omma. Besides, ChanHee likes to come over and play with your omma too," YooChun explained.


A pause.

"Do you like omma?," InWhan asked shamelessly.

"Don't hate me if I say I do," YooChun replied.


"I do... in fact... I... I've loved your omma since day one I saw him at the office and I still... love your omma," YooChun said carefully not wanting to scare InWhan away.

"Does omma know?," InWhan asked curiously.

"No... I... I don't think your omma does. And well... I don't want to scare your omma away... so I'll just keep it for myself and now that you know too... please keep it a secret for yourself too?,"

"Uhm... okay," InWhan nodded.

And InWhan did try to keep it for himself, but it was hard to do so, because everytime he looked at his omma, he wanted to tell his omma that there's someone out there who really, really liked... no loved him. It was starting to become too much for him to keep it a secret.

But, luckily Omma's Day was coming up, so he'd an excuse to 'tell' his omma.

"Uhm... ChanHee hyung," InWhan started out nervously.

He was having a nervous breakdown. Never had he, since he'd met the other, talked to other. He didn't know how to talk to the other. And having the other looking at him with a smug look wasn't making anything better for him either.

"Do... you know... a place where they... serve delicious food?," InWhan wheezed out with much difficulty.

"Yes, I do. There's a restaurant I know. Appa always goes there, because appa's friend owns that restaurant. Why?," ChanHee asked.

"Nothing... I just wanted to know if you know one. Well... can you ask your appa's friend to make delicious food on May 10th?," InWhan asked.

"What for?," ChanHee asked, raising his delicate left eyebrow.

InWhan explained in a few words his plan, so ChanHee would understand why he was asking the other for help. But of course, for everything there's a catch and he knew the other would not make it an easy one fore him.

"Please, hyung?," InWhan pleaded.

"What will you have for me if I help you?," ChanHee was looking smug at him.

"I... I...," InWhan couldn't come up with something, because his mind was blank. "I... I don't have money if that's what you mean," InWhan pouted.

He really had no way out. He didn't know anyone who would or could help him with carrying out his plan. Because he didn't want others to know about his omma and uncle YooChun. So ChanHee was the only option he had for now.

"How 'bout I help you out... YOU will not complain when I baby you?," ChanHee opted with a cheeky smile.

"No! I'm not a baby anymore!," InWhan gasped out in horror.

"I know, but you look so~ cute!," ChanHee cooed, pinching the other on the cheek. "But, if you don't want to... who am I to force you?,"

ChanHee sighed and turned away from InWhan.

"Isn't there anything else I can do for you?," InWhan asked.


"I can do your homework for you?," InWhan pleaded.

"No, thanks. I can do fine by myself," ChanHee replied without looking at him.

InWhan was close to pulling his hair out of his head.
 Why was the other making it that difficult for him? What did he do to deserve this? Oh! Right, he wasn't really nice to  the other in the beginning... so maybe the other was out for... revenge?

InWhan sighed. If it was for the sake of uncle YooChun, then he had no choice but to do it. Besides, uncle YooChun had been really nice to him.

"Fine! I'll do it... I'll do it," InWhan huffed out reluctantly.

ChanHee's cheshire cat's grin couldn't have gotten any bigger.

Finally on the 10th May, InWhan spied on his omma, reporting every little detail into his walkie talkie he'd borrowed from his partner in is mission.

"Have you given the letter already?," InWhan asked into the walkie talkie.

"I'm about to do it now," a voice came from out of the other side of the walkie talkie.

"Ok, I'll report the rest of the news later. Over and out," InWhan replied.

InWhan clicked off his walkie talkie and crept closer towards his omma.

"Omma," InWhan stood in a good two feet away from his omma, with his hands behind his back clutching onto a white envelope.

"Yes, InWhan honey?,"

His omma gave him a smile.

"There's something for you,"

Inwhan gave his omma the white envelope he'd been clutching for quite a while now.

"I never knew the mailman works on Sunday," his omma commented suddenly frowning at him.

InWhan's eyes widened in realization what his omma was implying. But he quickly came up with an excuse.

"Uh... well... it was there yesterday. I just forgot to give it to you, omma,"

"Oh, okay,"

InWhan let out a sigh of relief and peered at his omma who had just taken out the contents of the envelope.

"Oh! It's an invitation... from... YooChun?," his omma scratched the back of his neck.
"Oh! What does it say?,"
"He... asked for... a dinner...,"

"Are you going?," InWhan tried to sound less excited, but failed miserably.

"Uhm... I don't know... are you okay with it?," his omma replied.

"It's and invitation... and it will be rude to not show up for something like this," Inwhan said innocently.

"Oh... ok... I'll go then. I'll tell him I couldn't leave you alone at home, but I'm sure he wouldn't mind you there. You two seemed to have grown quite close to each other," his omma commented giving him a pointed look.


He gave his omma a nervous chuckle and quickly left his omma before he could hear another comment. Once he was in a safe haven, he reported his next step of his plan. By the time it was 7 o' clock, InWhan was sure everything was ready now and action should start very soon. All he had to do was wait and see what's going to happen. He just hoped that things will turn out great for him and his omma.

"InWhan... are you ready? It's time to go!," InWhan heard his omma call him from downstairs.

"Yes, omma! I'm coming!,"

InWhan rushed downstairs to join his omma and together they went to the appointed restaurant. When they were finally led into an isolated room, InWhan excused himself to go to the restroom.

"Don't get lost!," his omma called after him.

"No, I won't omma. Don't worry," InWhan answered and with that he disappeared out of the room.


JunSu sighed. It wasn't time yet for YooChun to appear and he was merely in the room for 5 minutes and he was already bored out of his mind. He didn't like it when he had nothing to do. He was more comfortable with doing something, keeping himself busy instead of waiting for someone nervously. And having to wait for the other made him even more nervous. He was about to take a peek outside the room when the door suddenly opened, revealing no one other than Park YooChun, his manager.

"Hi...," YooChun greeted awkwardly.
"Hi, come on in," JunSu smiled.

"Thanks and uh... these are for you?," YooChun held out a bouquet of flowers to the other.
"Thanks. It wasn't necessary though... and thanks for the invitation," JunSu said with a smile.

"Uh... I thought you were the one who invited me," YooChun said frowning at JunSu.

JunSu just blinked back at him.

"No, I didn't. I got your letter from InWhan today and-,"

"Well, I got yours from-,"

And finally something clicked in their minds. It was a set up. From their kids.

"Uhm... what do we do now?," JunSu sighed out in disappointment.
"Well, we might as well have dinner now while we're still here. Besides JaeJoong hyung is a great cook," YooChun opted.

"You know the cook here?," JunSu asked in surprise.

YooChun nodded as they both took a seat.

"Well... okay. Then we'll eat here then," JunSu decided.

The door opened for the second time and a waiter entered their room with the menu cards in his hands.

"Ah! Chun! You got a great catch here," the waiter suddenly commented with a bright smile, showing off his straight white teeth.

"YunHo? What do you mean?," YooChun asked confused.

"Don't try to deny it," YunHo, the waiter, said still grinning and then turned to look at JunSu. "Here's something for you, JunSu sshi,"

YunHo placed two envelopes infront of JunSu. The first one read: YooChun and the second one was blank.

"And I recommend you read YooChun sshi's first," YunHo said.

"Wha-? What's going on here?," YooChun asked still confused as to what was happening at that moment.

But he never got an answer because YunHo left as soon when JunSu had started reading YooChun's letter.

"Hey! That's... that's...,"

YooChun pointed at the letter in JunSu's hands. He finally saw the familiar paper sheets and felt his stomach churn. He was so doomed! It was something he'd kept as a secret for himself. How did YunHo get that anyway? YunHo doesn't even know where his bedroom is.
Unless... there's someone else in the whole picture who knew certain things only he knows and others don't.


"You... love... me?," JunSu finally asked with trembling voice.

YooChun gulped. How was he going to answer the other now? He was sure if he confirmed it, the other would hate him, but he was also sure that if he denied it, the other would hate him too. And there was no third option.

"Uh... well... yeah... I guess so...," YooChun mumbled.

JunSu said nothing. He could only stare at the now fidgetting YooChun.

"Uhm... look JunSu... if... I... uh... you don't like it... It's ok... I... I'll try to forget you... and... this.... well... I just hope we can still be friends," YooChun stammered out.

"Is that what you want now?," JunSu asked, his eyes not leaving the other.

"If that's... what you want, then... I'll do it," YooChun replied with so much difficulty.

"What if I say I don't want you to do it... what will you say then?," JunSu asked.

YooChun was ready to reply until the meaning of the words finally sink into his mind. Did JunSu mean...?

"Are you saying... you... like... me too?," YooChun asked.

"I... I've liked you for a long time already, but I was afraid you... wouldn't see me... like... you know. You were nice and all... so... I just... well... I... I just...," JunSu blabbered out, not knowing what to say.

YooChun smiled at the other widely as he took JunSu's hand to make the other stop talking.

"JunSu, will you go out with me from now on?," YooChun asked.
"Y-yes, I do...," JunSu said with a faint blush on his cheeks as tears formed into his eyes.

"I love you, JunSu. Thank you for choosing me," YooChun said and got up to give JunSu a kiss on the lips carefully.

"No... I... should be the one thanking you for choosing me," JunSu said with a smile.

"Hm... oh, hey what does the other letter say?," YooChun suddenly remembered another envelope YunHo had given JunSu.

"Let's see,"

YooChun watched JunSu open the other letter and what he saw surprised him.

"Happy Omma's Day?," JunSu read out loud.

"Seems like InWhan had been behind this," YooChun chuckled.

"I... I think so too," JunSu chuckled. "Well, I'm glad he did that. Because this is the best and greatest present I could get in the whole world! I'll thank him later,"

"I'm happy to hear that," YooChun said happily as he wrapped his arms around JunSu, hugging the other close to him.

Unbeknowst to them, InWhan and Chanhee had been peeping through the now slightly opened door with a big smile the whole time.

"Now that our mission is accomplished... I get to complete mine," ChanHee grinned happily, slinging an arm around InWhan's neck.

InWhan's smile melted away instantly as he was suddenly reminded of the deal.

"Can I not-,"

"No, you cannot. Besides... I'll be a great hyung to my baby dongsaeng," ChanHee grinned happily. "My very own baby dongsaeng~," ChanHee cheered.

"I should've known this was coming," InWhan moaned, miserable already.

He was so not looking forward to spend the rest of his life being babied by his... hyung.

"Uncle YunHo... why don't you do something romantic like this for uncle Joongie too?," ChanHee suddenly asked, turning his attention to the waiter behind him and InWhan.

"Uh... should I?," YunHo asked scratching the back of his neck.

"Yes, you should... but I guess it's not necessary anymore," ChanHee said turning back to pinch InWhan's cheek for the nth time that night. InWhan scrunched up his face.

"Why?," YunHo asked confused.

"Because uncle Joongie already eavesdropped on our plan already," ChanHee answered bluntly.

YunHo's eyes widened in horror and whirled around to find a smiling JaeJoong looking at him with a spatula in his left hand and his right hand poised on his right hip.







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