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Title: Looking For A Perfect Family
Pairings: YooSu, YunJae
Characters: YooChun, JunSu, ChanHee, InWhan, JaeJoong, YunHo, EeTeuk, KangIn, SiWon, HeeChul, HanKyung, ZhouMi, KyuHyun
Fandom: DBSK feat. Super Junior
Rating: PG
Genre: General, fluff (?)
Length: chaptered (Chapter 3)
Summary: Park YooChun, a single parent and a cold hearted CEO, had lived eight years with his son, ChanHee, already and his son's cries for an umma hadn't left him unnoticed since two years ago. How will he explain to his son that he didn't want to tie himself down with someone else? After all, he'd vowed to never step into another marriage again, when he knew it'll turn out unsuccessful. Will ChanHee just leave it at that decision or will he do something about it, to make his father change his mind?
Disclaimer: I don't own the characters!

Prologue, Chapter 1, Chapter 2


Upon entering YunHo's house, JunSu wasn't surprised to find every family member and or close friends running around the house, trying to help the groom with some last decorations of the house. YunHo wanted his weddingday to be perfect, thus all the decorations should be perfect too. JunSu had learned to know enough from the other to see that YunHo wasn't satisfied with the previous decorations. Typical YunHo, but JunSu wouldn't blame the other for it. He knew why YunHo was being picky, but right at that time, JunSu thought YunHo shouldn't be that picky about the decorations, because the other would only succeed in running late for his wedding.  

"Omma... there are... a lot of people," InWhan said in awe, tugging on JunSu's hand.

"Yeah... uhm... why don't we go look for uncle Yunnie- Oh! Look! YunHo hyung!," JunSu called out all of a sudden when he spotted the other and proceeded to take InWhan along with him to meet the other.

YunHo whirled around to face JunSu when he heard his name being called. He looked in one word: terrible!

"JunSu! I'm so glad you're here! Come help me quick! I need you!," YunHo cried out desperatedly trying to untangle himself from a long red ribbon.

He only succeeded in strangling himself with it though. JunSu almost felt bad for the other. He couldn't help but chuckle at the helpless YunHo. Luckily, he wasn't the only one who thought YunHo was amusing in that strangled position. InWhan had burst out laughing when he saw the other frustrated with the red ribbon.

"Hahaha...," both JunSu and InWhan laughed out loud for a minute.

"Yah! You two should help me instead of laughing at me!," YunHo pointed out with a fake hurt look in his eyes.

"Uncle Yunnie... you look so funny," InWhan chuckled.

"Yeah, yeah... I look funny. Now help me get this off or I might die. I still can't understand how you manage to decorate things with a ribbon, JunSu," YunHo huffed.

JunSu and InWhan decided to stop laughing then and help out the groom.

"Sure, uncle Yunnie,"

InWhan took one end of the ribbon while his omma took another and carefully, both omma and son pulled YunHo out of his trapped position. Once YunHo was free, he flexed his muscles before grinning at InWhan.

"Thank you, InWhannie. You saved uncle Yunnie's life. You're uncle Yunnie's saviour," YunHo cooed as he cuddled InWhan affectionately.

"He really takes after you, JunSu," YunHo commented after a second.

He turned to give JunSu a thankful look and then picked up InWhan and hug the other.

"Yes. And I'm glad it's like that. Now, let's get down to business. You have less than four hours to go get your partner and then come back here for the after party," JunSu said with a serious look.

"Yeah. Ok, let's get down to business," YunHo nodded quickly.

He turned to look the other way.

"Everyone! Give me a second!," YunHo shouted to get everyone's attention.

When he was sure everyone had their attention on him, he turned to JunSu, giving the other a sign to do the talking.

"Uhm... good morning... I'm JunSu... euh... I... I... uhm... am here to help YunHo hyung, just like all of you. He's given me the honor to plan out everything for him, so I'd like to request all of your cooperation and follow my ideas. Please?," JunSu said a bit uncomfortably.

He had never enjoyed being the center of attention, so it was awkward for him to actually stand there and have all of YunHo's family members and friends peering at him curiously. He preferred to be more in the background and do things by himself quietly. Without anyone having to look at him or pay attention to him.

He waited for an answer. A few mumbles were heard before everyone agreed. JunSu finally felt relieved that all eyes were turned away from him and that they had all agreed to work along with him.

"Ok... then. Let's start. I'll group everyone, so we'll get done sooner," JunSu clapped his hands.

When it came to his work, JunSu knew what to say and what to do. He was a professional after all.

Within a few minutes, JunSu had the living-room decorated with blue and white ribbons and here and there, he had let heartshaped balloons stick in between the balloons. The frontdoor was decorated with lots of balloons and a picture of YunHo with his soon to be wife... husband. The plain boring garden was turned into a beautiful decorated ballroom with extra lights, to give extra effects when the guests were going to spend their time there.

JunSu had all the food prepared and kept them warm enough for the end of the day. He was satisfied that everyone had teamed up together, which made the whole work seem lighter. Everyone had worked hard together on doing the decorations and preparing the food before it was time to go pick up the groom's partner.

After all the people had left and go home to change their clothes, JunSu finally realized he had yet to help InWhan change into formal clothes. He quickly did a last check-up on the garden before hurrying inside the house.

"InWhan! Where are you? We need to get ready too! InWhannie!," JunSu shouted.

Hearing no answer, JunSu felt his heart beat loudly. He started to panick immediately. Never in his life had he left InWhan somewhere alone without knowing where the other would be. But since it was YunHo's house, he'd thought he could leave InWhan alone by himself. That proved that he had made a mistake to do that. Now he wasn't sure where InWhan was and that worried him to death. He would never forgive himself if something bad happened to his son.

"InWhan! Where are you? Don't scare omma, please. Come out now, InWhan," JunSu cried out worriedly.

He was on the verge on tears as he checked the living-room, the kitchen and once again, he checked the garden, just in case. Finding no InWhan, JunSu felt his eyes water. He didn't know where InWhan was or could've gone to. JunSu was about to blame himself when YunHo suddenly came downstairs with InWhan in his arms.

"InWhan!," JunSu shouted out.

InWhan stuck out his arms to his omma, a sign that he wanted to be in his omma's arms. JunSu made a beeline to YunHo and pulled InWhan out of YunHo's hold and hugged the other tightly.

"Oh! You scared me! Where were you, InWhan?," JunSu asked hugging his child closer to his chest.
"Uncle Yunnie helped me take a bath and change my clothes. See?," InWhan answered and he pulled himself away from his omma's hug to show what he meant.

In all his worry, JunSu hadn't noticed InWhan wearing something else the moment YunHo came downstairs.

He looked at his son and then at YunHo who was giving a small smile at the scene in front of him.


"Omma... were you crying? Why are you crying? Is omma hurt somewhere?," InWhan asked having a worried look on his face as he cocked his head to the left.

"Uh... yea... omma... couldn't find you. And no... omma isn't hurt... Omma was just worried about you. I couldn't find you anywhere. Don't scare me like that again. Tell omma next time you go somewhere, ok?," JunSu reprimanded.

"I thought I told you already, JunSu," YunHo interrupted before InWhan could say anything.

"You did?," JunSu frowned at the other.

"Yes, I did," YunHo nodded confirming his answer.

"Erm... maybe... I was really busy with your decorations," JunSu mumbled, feeling ashamed already.

YunHo sighed. Looking at his dongsaeng, YunHo felt sad for the other. It was as if his dongsaeng had grown 10 years older than him. And he was supposed to the byung! He really worried about the other's health, but he knew better than to say anything about it. Because JunSu would simply wave it away, saying that it was nothing he should worry about. But YunHo knew better.

"Omma... don't be sad. I promise to tell omma where I go next time," InWhan said taking his omma's face in his small hands.

"Ok... I'm alright, now," JunSu gave InWhan a few kisses before realizing the time.

They were going to be late!

"YunHo! We're going to be late! Hurry! Are you dressed? We need to go now!," JunSu almost shouted out frantically.

"But, JunSu... you aren't-," YunHo wanted to protest, but he was cut off rudely by JunSu.

"Don't worry about me. Hurry up! We need to go!," JunSu said.

"Yah! Calm down!," YunHo shouted this time, successfully shutting up JunSu.

"JunSu... calm down. If you are screaming like this, I'd swear it's you who is going to get married instead of me," YunHo said calmly.

"I'm sorry.... I just... want this... to be perfect for you," JunSu said.

"Thank you, JunSu. Really, I understand. But you can't make everything perfect. You are a human, JunSu, not a robot. Everything is perfect now. For me. Why don't you go take a quick shower first and I'll get InWhan ready with the car. It'll only take ten minutes to go there. We still have twenty minutes to spare," YunHo said with a smile.

JunSu looked at the other with a frown and then he sighed heavily. YunHo was right. He wasn't a robot. He couldn't make everything perfect. But... he could try, right? Maybe he was just overreacting and all.

"Ok... I'll take a shower," JunSu sighed out.

JunSu put his son down before dashing away upstairs. YunHo nodded contentedly.

"Don't forget your rings!,"

With that last statement, JunSu slammed the bathroom door closed. Ready to take a shower.

"Wow... that was something," YunHo mumbled and InWhan nodded, agreeing with whatever his uncle Yunnie just mumbled.

"Uncle Yunnie... Omma brought you cookies. Wanna have some?," InWhan said after a minute.

"Sure, I'm starving," YunHo walked into the kitchen with InWhan close on his heels.



JunSu took a quick look at YunHo's suit. Everything was all set and YunHo was ready to go down the aisle and marry his beloved and start a new life. There was still ten minutes to go till they would finally get out of the room.

JunSu decided to take a last look at his plan, not wanting to feel the heavy feeling in his chest. He'd managed to keep his eyes dry when they arrived at the church. He had forced himself to be happy for his hyung and it worked up till now. It was his hyung's wedding after all.

But somehow he didn't understand why he was sad at the same time. Maybe it was envy. Maybe jealousy? He didn't know. And he wasn't going to find out either. It was no use trying to figure out something like that. He had once been through it and he had vowed to never let it repeat again.

"JunSu," YunHo started turning to face his dongsaeng.

"Hm?," JunSu didn't look at him, but at a piece of paper in his hands.

YunHo walked closer to the other and pulled the piece of paper away. He wanted the other have all of his attention on him. He wanted the other to hear everything clearly what he was going to say.

JunSu blinked at YunHo when he found his paper taken out of his hands. He was looking confused at the other with the pair of black rimmed glasses.

"Thank you... thank you very much for everything, JunSu," YunHo said truthfully.

"No sweat. I'm glad I could help and make someone happy," JunSu said not looking at YunHo.

The tiles suddenly intrigued him that much. Maybe he should have such similar ones put in his living-room.

YunHo frowned. He didn't like it when JunSu talked like that. It made him feel sad.

"JunSu... are you happy?," YunHo asked.

"I'm happy. Why wouldn't I be?," JunSu gave a nervous chuckle, trying to cover up his lie.

How'd YunHo always manage to see through his fake smile? He knew YunHo always knew he was lying. JunSu had thought he'd mastered himself into pretending to be happy whenever he saw YunHo happy, but nothing went unseen by the other and JunSu hated the other for that.

YunHo took JunSu's pale hands in his strong tanned ones, forcing the other to look at him. He rubbed JunSu's hands comfortably. A way to calm down the other or a way to let the other know that he was always there and would always be there to help out whenever the other needed a listening ear or needed help. It was something he'd developed throughout those years he'd spent with the other.

"JunSu... tell me... what's bothering you?," YunHo demanded softly.

"There's... nothing bothering me... I... think... I'm just tired... and all," JunSu said carefully.

"JunSu... you know you can always come and tell hyung what's bothering you. I've always been there for you and I will not let this thing, which is bothering you, go unnoticed either," YunHo said firmly.

"I... I'm just... going to miss you... I'm happy for you, hyung. And... uhm... I'm happy too... with InWhan," JunSu said weakly which was not the answer YunHo was looking for.

"I know you're happy with InWhan. But, are you happy? You? Yourself?," YunHo asked again.

JunSu sighed. He really didn't know how to answer that question. Was he happy? Was he happy as in happy what YunHo was talking about? He really didn't know.

"I don't know, YunHo hyung," JunSu sighed out tiredly.

YunHo pulled the other into a hug before pulling away. He looked into JunSu's eyes.

"JunSu. Please, promise me two things, JunSu," YunHo said sternly.


JunSu looked at his hyung's face.

"Promise me to look after yourself and InWhan. That's first... and second... be selfish one time... just one time...," YunHo said and held out his index finger before he finished his sentence. "Be selfish one time... so you can be happy like anyone else. Will you do that for hyung? Will you?,"

YunHo pleaded with the other, to promise him those two things. JunSu saw the worried look in the other's eyes and felt bad for making his hyung worried. He had never wanted his hyung to get worried about nothing. So, he had no choice but to do as told.

"I... I promise," JunSu finally said.

The worried look in YunHo's eyes disappeared slowly and a contented look made its way into those chocolate brown ones.

"Thank you, JunSu,"

With that, YunHo pulled the other into a brotherly hug. JunSu felt tears pricking the back of his eyes and tried to fight back those tears. He, then realized that that day was going to be the last day he'd feel his hyung close to him. His only support. Since... forever.

"Thank you, hyung... for everything too," JunSu said softly, giving YunHo a tight squeeze.

"Hey... I'm going to cry a river if you continue like this. It's not as if you can't call me if you need help,

JunSu," YunHo chuckled as he hugged his dongsaeng closer to himself and felt JunSu nod his head on his shoulder.

A knock came on the door, forcing the two friends away from each other. It was time for the wedding.


JunSu watched with a small smile when the pair infront of the priest exchanged their vows. He felt happy for his hyung. It was what YunHo deserved. To be happy with someone he loves. He sighed a little.

His mind drifted off to his own marriage... years ago. JunSu could still remember the feeling he had when he was first in love and when he first confessed. It felt like heaven. It was as if he was the happiest man on earth. JunSu couldn't help but envy YunHo hyung for having such a lovely person who truly cared for him and spend the rest of his life with the other.

Why couldn't he have such a person? Why couldn't he have this kind of happiness? Did he do something wrong in his whole life and should be punished with such a cruel thing? It wasn't fair. Then again, JunSu knew that life never was fair. Not to him. Not to anyone!

JunSu sighed once again. (It seems like he's been sighing a lot lately). Maybe fate just hated his guts. A few minutes after the newlyweds finally kissed, JunSu went in search for InWhan. He had to get ready for the after party while the newlyweds take pictures with their family. Spotting inWhan sitting next to YunHo's sister, JunSu made his way over to the girl. He motioned for InWhan to come over to him at which InWhan complied immediately.

"Are you tired, InWhan? Do you want to sleep?," JunSu asked as he picked up his son.

InWhan could barely open his eyes when he felt his omma's arms around him. JunSu placed a kiss on the other's cheek as he made his way out of the church.

"Omma...," InWhan mumbled sleepily.

"Yes, InWhan?,"

"Are we going home?,"

"Not yet, honey. We still have the after party. People will come and eat with uncle Yunnie and his new family," JunSu explained.

"Oh... ok," InWhan yawned.

"You're sleepy. Why don't you take a nap and omma will wake you up later, hm?,"

InWhan needn't to be told twice by his omma, because he fell almost asleep instantly.


Once JunSu had tucked InWhan away comfortably in YunHo's guestroom, he quickly hurried downstairs to prepare the food and drinks for the guests. He had promised YunHo to have everything ready by the time the guests arrived. It didn't take long for JunSu to have everything prepared. He didn't have to do a lot though, only re-heat the food and put them on the table in the garden.

It was almost 7 o' clock when he heard the front door open and the newlyweds enter with lots of cheers coming from the family members and friends. JunSu paused his work for a minute to watch the happy couple.

"YunHo ah... why don't you give our Joongie another kiss to show him how much you love him?," one of the girls asked.

Most probably one of the noonas.

"Noona!," an embarrassed exclamation coming from the one next to YunHo.

Everyone burst out laughing at the blushing boy.

"Don't be shy, JaeJoong. It's our day today, so...," YunHo smiled deeply at the other and with that he pulled the other into another deep kiss for the day.

Everyone cheered happily and clapped loudly for the couple. When they were finally forced to pull away from each other, JaeJoong managed to remind them of their after party.

"Oh! JunSu!," YunHo suddenly exclaimed out and looked around him, trying to look for his dongsaeng.

"I'm right here, YunHo hyung. The food is ready and everyone can have something to eat or drink in the garden," JunSu answered immediately and showed YunHo a plate full of cookies.

JaeJoong quickly wrestled his way out of YunHo's arms and went over to help JunSu. He was about to take the plate away from JunSu, but the plate was pulled out of his reach immediately before he could touch it.

"No, hyung. Today isn't your day to work. You heard YunHo hyung, it's your and YunHo hyung's day. It's your day! So... no working for you," JunSu said sternly, still trying to get the plate away from JaeJoong.

"But~ JunSu... I want to help," JaeJoong said almost pleadingly.

"No, hyung! I can't do that. YunHo hyung will have my head if he sees your lovely soft hands are stained with dirty cookie crumbs," JunSu protested.

"No, he won't. And my hands aren't soft,"

"Yes, they are!," YunHo exclaimed.

But he was ignored by JunSu and JaeJoong.

"Just let me handle it. It's not like I'm an invalid here," JaeJoong said and finally managed to steal the plate away from the other.

"Besides... you've helped enough and it IS MY wedding today, so I can decide what I want," JaeJoong said giving a big smile.

JunSu sighed. There was no point in arguing with the other, because JaeJoong would win the battle and will be stubborn until he wins. He had no choice but to let the other do as he wished. That way it'll save his breath and energy.


ChanHee looked in awe at the decorated house of his appa's friend's new house. It was really beautiful. Unlike the ones he'd seen on tv. Those were just plain... normal... to him. He'd never been at a marriage before, so he'd never expected to see such beautiful decorations up close.

The moment he set foot in the house, he had abandoned his appa to go look for the bathroom. And because he didn't want to worry his appa, he didn't ask his appa to help him show the bathroom. But right now, he wished he had asked, because he was sure he was... lost.

His little feet carried him to different rooms in the house automatically. ChanHee knew he shouldn't be that nosy, but right now, it was the only way that could help him find the restroom. He closed the third door before opening another one. And what he saw wasn't what he'd been expecting that day.

His eyes widened in surprise and happiness. It really must be his lucky day or... maybe the fairy, who he thought it existed, really, really loved him to give him such a wonderful surprise. He made a note to thank his fairy later for giving him such a beautiful surprise.


Loud chattering and soft music filled the night as the guests entertained themselves, by chatting together or dancing to a ballad or just standing there having something to eat or drink. YunHo and JaeJoong had received a lot of good luck wishes and presents varied with hugs and kisses.

YooChun watched his married hyung smiling happily from afar as he sipped on his glass of juice. He'd been standing there for quite a while now and finally decided he should go and congratulate them both and maybe chat a bit with them before leaving the party. It was late, and ChanHee should be in bed already.

Suddenly his cellphone vibrated in his left pocket, preventing him from going over to the couple. He sighed. His work again. It seems as if it couldn't even leave him alone for just one day.

"Hello," YooChun almost barked into the phone, but managed to do that.

A pause.

"I'll be right there,"

YooChun snapped his phone shut and put it away, before striding over to the couple. Too bad he couldn't  stay any longer to chat. Business calls. If he had to make a choice, whether or not he should go or stay, he'd picked the first one. His work was more important right at that moment.

He decided he'd go over to his hyung and congratulate the other before leaving to search for ChanHee and hoped he didn't need to search too long for his son.

YooChun was only two metres away from the couple, when he suddenly felt a warm body collide with his, almost sending both of them falling on the ground. Acting out of reflex, YooChun stuck out his arms and caught the stranger swiftfully.

A glass shattered into thousands of pieces. All chattering and music ceased. And all curious eyes were turned to YooChun and the stranger in his arms.

Dark brown eyes looked into light black ones. YooChun could've sworn he'd drown in them. Nobody moved nor said anything. Everything was quiet, One second passed and then another and then another and another again until the other finally uttered something.

"I... I'm... s-sorry,"

YooChun's fingers itched and wanted to brush the worry out of the stranger's eyes. He'd never seen such soft and beautiful eyes in his whole life before and wanted to let the other know that the other shouldn't worry about anything at all.

But... his mouth had a life of his own.

"Hn. Watch where you go next time," YooChun's voice sounded so cold, but right at that moment he was in a hurry and had no time to be friendly with the other.

"Hey! I just apologized!," the other protested and an angry frown decorated his forehead.

"Apology not accepted," YooChun smirked as the other gaped at him.

For some reason he so enjoyed seeing the other angry. He really had no idea where that came from. And on top of that, he didn't even know the other at all!

The other started to move in his arms, trying to get away from him as soon as possible. YooChun felt slightly guilty for being so harsh towards the other, but he quickly pushed the feeling away. One thing everyone should know, is that Park YooChun would never show his emotions to anyone. Only to his son.

"Then... then let me go... you jerk!," the other yelled.

"My pleasure,"

With that, YooChun pulled his arm away from the other's waist, making the other fall on his behind painfully. A surprised and painful squeal reached his ears. He felt angry eyes on him, but he ignored them as he stood up straight, pulling once on his suit to straighten it, before stepping over the other, not noticing that he'd just stepped on the fallen pair of glasses.

He made his way over to the now worried looking newlyweds. When he finally stopped in front of them, he couldn't help but notice that his hyung was giving him a slight glare.

"JaeJoong hyung... and YunHo hyung... thank you for your invitation and the food. I'd really like to stay and chat with you two, but business is calling. So I've to go now. I'll come visit you sometime... if I have some spare time, that is. Congratulations to you both and all the best in the future," YooChun said while giving his hyungs both a firm handshake before leaving.

YooChun ignored the curious looks of the guests, who were most probaby whispering about the 'famous CEO who'd attended the weddingday and was being a jerk again'. He had better things to do than listen to people gossip with each other.

Without waiting for his hyungs' replies, YooChun strode away from the two with long strides towards the exit. He was ready to go look for his son, but to his surprise, he found ChanHee already standing there, looking at him.

Or not.

ChanHee looked worried. YooChun frowned. Why would ChanHee look so worried? Maybe he was worried about his appa? YooChun thought.

YooChun never spared another glance at the man he'd just dropped on purpose, but he could see with the corner of his eyes, that the other had gotten on his feet with the help of a small child.

"ChanHee, let's go. Appa can't stay any longer," YooChun said softly, but firmly not leaving any room for any kinds of protest.

ChanHee looked up at his appa and then turned to look somewhere else. Following ChanHee's gaze, YooChun finally found out where his son was looking at.

His son was looking at the pair on the spot where he'd just been.

"Don't worry about him, Channie. He is alright now," YooChun said.

"But... appa, you hurt him," ChanHee said almost crying.

"He was the one who said I should let go. And that's what I did... I let go," YooChun explained. "Don't worry, Channie. Let's go now,"

YooChun took one of CHanHee's hands in his and pulled his son along with him. Why'd his son worry so much about that stranger? Did they know each other? How was it even possible for his son to know that person? He'd always taught ChanHee to never talk to strangers.

YooChun shook away the questions forming in his head as he helped ChanHee into his car. He hopped in after ChanHee was seated and ordered the driver to take ChanHee back home, before going to the company.

The driver did as told and together, they left the party, leaving everything behind.

to be continued


Author's note:

Phew! Took me long enough to update. I could've done it yesterday, but I suddenly fell sick and threw up. Managed to post it today. Hope you all will enjoy reading my ficcu! Thank you or reading and commenting and sorry for not replying any of your comments. Have a lot of other things to do currently >_<
Please, do enjoy reading this chappie ^^




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Apr. 28th, 2009 10:30 am (UTC)
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